Thermal Cleaning

Overview of the Thermal Cleaning Process for Tooling and Parts

Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Baths can be used to thermally clean metal parts by pyrolyzing all types of plastic, paint, resin, adhesive, glue, oil, silicone, rubber and grease. They are a fast, safe and efficient way to clean the following extrusion and injection molding parts plus many others not listed here.

Breaker plates, dies, injection nozzles, feed screws, hot runner parts, nozzles, die plates, extrusion profiles, screen changers, barrels, hooks, spin packs, tips, feed pipe, film extrusion dies, screw elements, molds, spinnerete, hardware, pressure transducers, melt flow indexer dies, capillary rheometer parts, crossheads, die adaptor, screen pack, nuts & bolts, profile extrusion dies and many more types of parts.

This thermal cleaning process (Pyrolysis) typically takes from 30 to 60 minutes to remove all material from the tooling. Plastic Extrusion and Injection molders benefit from this fast and efficient cleaning cycle which minimizes down time during line change outs and maintenance. The Fluidized Bath cleaning process does not require the operators assistance after the part is placed into the bath allowing them to concentrate on other duties. AccuThermal Fluidized Baths are much faster and more energy efficient than burn-off ovens and no hazardous chemicals are required as with Ultrasonic cleaners and chemical purging. The fumes and smoke can be vented into plant exhaust or can be filtered with our HEPA Filtration system minimizing operator exposure. The burned off polymer falls (organics) into the aluminum oxide as a carbon and ash. Used aluminum oxide can be disposed of in a landfill or regular trash.

The AccuThermal Fluidized Bath cleaning process will also remove material from assembled tools which can then be easily disassembled. Stable temperatures and uniform heat distribution minimizes tool damage and distortion as opposed to when using blow torches, ovens or hand cleaning methods. We recommend the models FTBSL6, FTBLL12, FTBLL12W, FTBLL26, FTBLL27 & FTBLL47 for these cleaning applications. See our Air Filtration System for removing smoke and fumes from the exhaust stream out of the Fluidized Bath.

Why choose a Fluidized Bath over other cleaning methods?

  • Fast, removes plastic from tooling & parts in UNDER 60 MINUTES unlike 4 to 6 hours with burn off ovens
  • Labor efficient requiring only 10 minutes per hour of labor for the cleaning process
  • No unsafe and hard to dispose of chemicals or harsh solvents as with ultrasonic cleaning
  • Does not damage expensive tooling as with torching, drilling, scraping, knives, lathes & wire wheels
  • No blasting media or other consumables to purchase, store and dispose of
  • Removes plastic & polymer based material from small holes, orifices and openings down to 0.010"
  • Fluidizing action is gentle and does not abrade or change surface finish
  • Complements other cleaning systems; speeds up line change outs to minimize production down time
  • Removes all types of plastic and elastomers including fluoropolymers, rubber and silicone
  • Quick and reliable cleaning of melt pressure transducers to extend their life and operation

What kind of results can you expect?

Follow this link to see a typical video of a part being cleaned in our model FTBLL12 Fluidized Bath. YouTube Fluidized Bath tool cleaning video
For a complete video catalog of customer parts being cleaned and results see our “Videos" section. 

Download the “Sample parts cleaning form” HERE for a free trial cleaning on your tooling and parts.

In most areas we have a manufacturers reps available to support your thermal cleaning application, Fluidized Bath installation and operation.