Product and Application Support

Rely on our combined 30+ years of experience to provide pre and post-sales support for both products and applications using Fluidized Temperature Baths, Liquid Baths and Dry block calibrators. We can also help you with your temperature measurement questions and applications where you need to increase the accuracy and performance of your measurement equipment and sensors.

Product Preventative Maintenance and Repair Service

ATS can provide onsite setup of your Fluidized Temperature Baths including installation, operation and performance qualification on electrical, mechanical and temperature components of the system. Depending on the type of failure and fault , if you need a product repaired it can be performed on your system when it is shipped back to our facility and in some cases it can be scheduled for onsite work at your location. Check out our Repair & PM services leaflet PDF.

Accurate Thermal Systems can also perform preventative maintenance and repairs on other manufacturer’s models of Fluidized Baths including the Techne FB08, FB08C, IFB, SBS and SBL range of products. Many customers have come to rely on our many years of knowledge performing PM and repair services for these products in addition to ongoing product and application support using them.

We now have an important upgrade available for the FB08 series which will integrate a fully automatic Fluidizing air flow control system. This can be used in the FB08 to replace the manual air flow control or in the FB08C replacing the obsolete integrated flow control to a more reliable and repeatable system. Download the Auto Air Upgrade PDF for more details.

Of course, if you are interested in moving to a completely new Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Bath we will be happy to discuss and offer a generous trade-in discount on your current unit.

NIST Traceable Temperature Calibration Services

We offer NIST traceable calibration services on a range of temperature instruments and sensors including Dry Block Calibrators, thermometers, temperature sensors/systems, RTD’s, PRT’s, thermocouples, laboratory equipment, indicators and many others at economical prices with a fast turnaround. Our calibration services are ISO17025 compliant and offer low measurement uncertainties. Download the calibration services PDF shown below for more of our uncertainties and the a sample of the typical certificate we issue. All of our measurement and test equipment is calibrated at defined intervals by ISO17025 primary standards labs for which we can provide copies of certificates by request.
Give us a call or send us an email to request a calibration quotation on your equipment.