New HEPA Air Filtration System for environmentally friendly tool cleaning

We are launching the new model ECU1 portable HEPA Air Filtration System that when used in conjunction with one of our Fluidized Baths can provide environmentally friendly extrusion and injection molding tool cleaning. The ECU1 has some innovative features including a graphic display to show filters status and a calibrated sensor for monitoring gas/VOC levels […]

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ATS Fluidized Baths clean tooling used to make Pet treats

Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Temperature Baths are now being used to clean tooling and hardware used to manufacture various pet products and treats. In an effort to expand our base of unique thermal cleaning applications we have successfully cleaned tooling from several manufacturers of pet products including food and snacks. These starch and grain based […]

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Temperature Validation Software (TVS) for use with ATS Fluidized Temperature Baths

ATS has developed and now offers Temperature Validation Software (TVS) that works with all of our Fluidized Temperature Bath models. The TVS software will be very useful for customers who need to maintain documentation for validation of their process to meet Quality directives and/or FDA requirements. The software records temperatures from the Fluidized Bath controller […]

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