Temperature Calibration

Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

These units consist of a drilled metal block which has a large well in it for accepting an insert. Some units have a well for an insert also a fixed 1/4" hole for a reference probe. Inserts can have one or many different hole sizes in them and can be machined for tapered and custom probe sizes. Benefits

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fast heat up and cool down
  • Small and compact foot print
  • Good display accuracy
  • Clean and easy to use

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Fluidized Temperature Baths

With a large working volume and high heat capacity they are great for calibrating many sensors at a time or those that are larger and have tapered or an odd sheath. You get benefits of a liquid type of displacement but at high temperatures up to 1000ºC and as low as -100ºC. We recommend the FTBSL models for calibration work.
BenefitsFluidized Temperature Bath without cover & lid

  • Large volume & heat capacity
  • Can calibrate many sensors at a time
  • Wide temperature range
  • Safer than salt baths, more stable & uniform than ovens

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Liquid Calibration Baths

The Polyscience liquid calibration baths offer a large working volume and probe lid with openings for calibrating up to 7 sensors at a time. The advanced programmable controller can be rotated 180° for easy of viewing and operation. Two models are offered, one operates from ambient +10 to 200°C while the other from -30 to 200°C. You’ll find the prices for these models to be very competitive versus others on the market.


  • Large volume and working calibrating several sensors at a time
  • Up to 11” working depth
  • High stability to +/-0.005°C, Uniformity to 0.015°C
  • Advanced programmable controller
  • Temperature range ambient +10 to 200°C – visit the product page.

  • Temperature range -20 to +200°C – visit the product page.

Precision Digital Thermometer readouts and Temperature sensor/probes

To improve the overall temperature accuracy of your process and/or operation we recommend that an independent temperature readout and probe be used. We offer a single and dual channel PRT readout as well as a rechargeable battery operated hand held unit. Combine the readout with one of several PRT probes that we offer for a high accuracy temperature measurement system.


  • Measure temperatures from -200 to 850°C
  • Readouts accept 25 and 100Ω probes
  • Characterizations using ITS-90 coefficients, Callender Van Dusen coefficients, IEC-751 (DIN 385)
  • Includes a PC interface and logging software for acquiring and saving readings
  • We offer several PRT sensors for connection to the readouts. These vary in accuracy, length, diameter and calibrated temperature range to meet your required application.
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