Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

Accurate Thermal Systems manufacturers, sells and services two Dry Block temperature calibrators that are used for calibration of many types of temperature sensors and systems including liquid in glass thermometers, thermocouples, RTDs, PRTs, thermal switches, temperature transmitters, dial thermometers, bi-metal thermometers, temperature controllers, hand held indicators, Infrared (IR) Pyrometers, temperature loggers and thermistors. These units offer temperature ranges from -25 to 455°C and are good for portable field use or on a bench in the laboratory. All units include NIST traceable calibration certificates that are ISO 17025 compliant. Fully accredited ISO17025 calibrations are available.

ThermCal Series Calibrators

The ThermCal Dry Block Calibrators were designed and manufactured to be accurate and stable while being light weight for field or laboratory use at a very economical price. The thermoelectric/peltier based ThermCal130 offers very fast heat up and cool down and the ThermCal400 has a maximum operating temperature of 455C/850F. Both Dry Block Calibrator models are 100% manufactured and supported in our Hainesport, New Jersey USA facility and are CE marked for safety and usage worldwide. Looking for high precision liquid calibration baths, take a look at the Polyscience deep calibration baths.


Included accessories (instruction manual and calibration certificate not shown)

  • Laboratory grade performance at an economical price
  • Rugged powder coated case
  • Polished stainless steel top and bottom
  • Lightweight, ThermCal400 (11 lbs) with insert, ThermCal130 (15 lbs)
  • Includes multiwell insert (ThermCal400) and with a single insert well in the ThermCal130
  • Optional Blackbody source insert for checking IR thermometers using the ThermCal400
  • Includes traceable calibration with data and calibration label
  • Backed by 25 years of calibrator design and manufacturing experience
  • Advanced all digital controller with large bright display
  • Made in the USA

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