Temperature Sensors/Probes

Choose from several PRT and RTD sensors for connection to your Precision PRT Readout. They vary based on the diameter and length you require as well as the operating/calibrated temperature range and overall calibrated accuracy. In our over 20 years of experience with many PRT probes from several manufacturers these offer some of the best stability and drift on the market while being very economically and competitively priced.For general Industrial use we recommend the AM1660, 1640/1620 series and if you require a high accuracy, very reliable probe for use as a laboratory master we would suggest the AM1760/AM1762. Of course let us know more about your application and we'll point you in the right direction for the best probe to use.

AM1660/1640/1620 Precision Industrial PRT's

AM1730 Secondary Standard Reference PRT

AM1760/1762 Secondary Standard SPRT's

AM1750/1751 Secondary Standard Reference PRT