Fluidized bath and bed technology have been used by various industries for over 50 years.

The system comprises of a tank, or inner container, with a chamber placed in the bottom that has a porous plate material on top. The tank is filled with an aluminum oxide sand. Compressed air is fed into the chamber with a sufficient amount of pressure and flow to cause air bubbles to break the surface of the sand and rise up through it. Heat is radiated into the sand either directly or indirectly from the heaters. Air must be constantly flowing into the bath which plays the key role of mixing/stirring the heated sand to give consistent and stable thermal results. This bubbling sand provides thermal and displacement properties very similiar to that of a fluid (i.e. the term Fluidization) but at much higher temperatures than any liquid is capable. These liquid like properties are the secret to Fluidized Bath technology as it provides fast heat up of immersed objects.

The aluminum oxide sand that Accurate Thermal Systems provides with its systems is inert and very safe to use. The particle size of our aluminum oxide is 120 grit which will not present a problem for items placed into the bath. Once the item is removed from a bath the sand will either fall off or can be blown off. IMPORTANT*** A fluidized bath is not a sandblaster. Aluminum Oxide is not abrasive to immersed objects due to the gentle bubbling action of Fluidization, as shown in the video below. For this reason Fluidized Baths are not grit or media blasters. They thermally burn off any organics from metal parts.

How does a Fluidized Bath work?