Affordable PCR Thermal Cycler – UF 150 GeneChecker

Real-time Detection Faster and Easier than Ever!

Patented Chip Based Design Provides Extremely Rapid Output – “30 Cycles in 12 Minutes”

Perfect for Food and Beverage applications like Pathogen and GMO testing

Wide uses include General Research and Education

Free dedicated software and simple to program

Affordable, Innovative and Ultra-Fast

The best tool to make your QPCR Diagnostics application faster and easier

GENECHECKER™ has adopted a special polymer chip (Rapi:chip™) which enables much faster thermal transfer to the samples when compared to conventional PCR tubes or plates. The thermal cycling mechanism of GENECHECKER™ achieves 8°C/sec ramping rate for both heating and cooling.

Upgraded camera module and state of the art software technology improves real-time analysis.

The Integrated camera module of GENECHECKER™ fully monitors and records the fluorescence signal of each sample and the recorded fluorescence values are processed and displayed by GENERECORDER software. Using this unique data analysis method, GENECHECKER™ provides very precise results of reactions compared to conventional real-time PCR instruments in the market which are collecting fluorescence data through an optical scanning method. The user interface of GENERECORDER was designed to help general real-time PCR instrument users operate this innovative instrument very easily. GENERECORDER provides amplification curves, melting curves and melting peaks for easy analysis.

GENECHECKER comes with GENERECORDER software  and is easily  installed. No user’s calibration is needed to run the instrument.

Best of all this cutting edge Real Time PCR technology is only $6645. Contact us today for a written quotation or purchase with any major credit card or PayPal.

  • Patented chip based design and ultra-fast ramping provides extremely rapid output. – “30 cycles in 12 minutes”
  • Innovative Real PCR Instrument at an affordable price
  • Intuitive control with LED indicated jog-dial and LCD display
  • Innovative and compact design
  • Sample capacity (10 samples) gives you more efficiency.
  • Includes PC software for analysis of real time PCR data
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy
Heating & Cooling method Precise Peltier control
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C
Temperature uniformity ±0.5°C (well to well)
Temperature stability ±0.5°C
Heating rate 8°C /second
Cooling rate 8°C /second
Range of temperature setting 30 ~ 65°C (1.0°C increment) for RT step / 20 ~ 99°C (1.0°C increment) for PCR
Sample format Polymer based 3-dimentional chip
Number of samples per run 10
Required sample volume 10uL
Typical PCR duration 12 minutes for 30 cycles (without RT step)
Method of detection Analysis of Digitized Fluorescence Signal
Type of Excitation High Brightness LED
Wavelength 465nm +/-10nm
Number of detection channels 1
Method of Fluorescence measurement Integrated Camera Module
Display 4 line text LCD
Integrated memory Saves up to 12 protocols
Power Requirements AC 100-230V/50/60HZ (input poer: 12 VDC)
Power Consumption 120W
Dimension 7.8"D x 7.8"W x 5"H
Weight 7 lbs

Ordering Information

001151 Model UF150 GeneChecker Ultra-Fast Real-time PCR System $6645.00

Catalog# Description Pack Size Price
002001 Rapi:chip qPCR Chip for GENECHECKER – Small Pack (1 Pk 48 Chips) 48/PK U $95.00
002002 Rapi:chip qPCR Chip for GENECHECKER – Medium Pack (8 PK x cat. 002001 – (384 Chips)) 384/PK U $725.00
002003 Rapi:chip qPCR Chip for GENECHECKER – Large Pack (16PK x cat. 002001 (768 chips)) 768/PK U $1,405.00
004001 Rapi:Detect Master Mix with Fluorescent Dye for Model UF-150 (400 Reactions) 2 x 1mL Tube $365.00
004002 Rapi:1-Step One-step RT-PCR Mix with Fluorescent Dye for Model UF-150 (400 Reactions) 2 x 1mL Tube $565.00